Lifestyle Baby Sessions

When I first started on my photography journey, I never would've guessed that perfectly posed newborns would not be my niche, but they're not. I can't help it, but I love the unposed, real life looking photography style! Even though my interest for photography was sparked with posed newborns and those were my first practice sessions, it just never clicked with me. So, I sold my newborn travel poser, most posing blankets and a lot of my accessories. Because I won't need them anymore...

I do plan to shoot lifestyle baby photography, meaning I'll come to your home and photograph your family and new baby in one, or more areas of your home. Which is technically an on location, family portrait and my specialty! But, I won't be bringing a beanbag newborn poser, backdrops, or baskets. And I won't need to shoot the session within a certain time frame to make sure baby is sleepy enough to pose in perfect positions.

All sessions will be priced, according to, Ultimate, Classic and Simple (all digital packages), since I won't need hours and hours of slotted time for a posed newborn session. And, images will be similar to the images on this post, just to give you an idea.

HBP lifestyle baby photography pros:

•You don't need to schedule your session a week within your due date. Instead, it can be weeks to a month within your due date.

•Your session can be shot at your home and you do not need to clean your home for me! No cleaning. No leaving.

•Your session doesn't need to take 2-4 hours, it can take 20 minutes, to an hour, depending on which package you pick.

•Your baby doesn't necessarily have to be sleeping, or naked, so you don't need to crank the heat and sweat.

•Your baby's nursery can be included in the shots, if that's your location choice, or if you've selected an Ultimate, or Classic Session.

•Siblings and parents are more than welcome to be in the pictures.

HBP lifestyle baby photography cons:

•I am not a good swaddler, so I will have to leave that up to you! :)

These are the images I wish I had taken of my husband, daughter and myself. Rocking our baby to sleep and sharing smiles with her. Images that I didn't know were going to be taken... images caught off guard, candid, or lifestyle. I wish I had someone to capture that, without an iphone lol.

I've shot on the parents' bed, in baby's room, or in the living room and I loved each location just the same! One big thing I'm adamant about is for parents to not clean for me! Imagine the couch below to have toys all around it... if there were toys, nobody seeing the images would know it.

If a client contacts me for a newborn session and this style doesn't fit into what they had in mind, I have a handful of newborn photographers in my head that I'll be referring clients to.

In case you're a newborn photographer in the Hampton Roads area and you want to make sure you're considered, send me an email from my contact page! :)

Thanks for looking!