Photoshop Magic! An overview of the faux swing with wildflowers and my baby chick, Mabel

I have a few blog posts about general editing that talk about removing glasses glare, head swaps and things of that nature, but I'm here to tell you that Photoshop can add so much more magic to any photograph. It's not just for removing bra straps, it's for adding cool stuff too.... but, you can click here if you want a breakdown of all of that stuff too. :)

As if enhancing things like Fall foliage isn't cool enough, you can add elements of photos to other photos, you can add sunshine to a photo and SO MANY more things.

My daughter took this photo of me on my faux swing, which is technically a bench with rope wrapped around driveway markers that I found at the tractor supply lol. Side note, I've ordered shorter legs for this, in case my clients want to use this. I'm not sure why I thought 30 inch table legs were a good idea, but anyways....

One of our chicks, Mabel likes to sit on my shoulder and I originally wanted to capture just that. It was windy the day we took these though and she was more interested with the patch of long grass on the other side of the fence, so I improvised. This is Mabel's solo photo.

Little Mabel and a portion of the bench was masked out of her photo and then added into the original photo my daughter took of me.

Then, I wanted to use a background I made for my Etsy shop because I really wanted wildflowers to grow in this section of the yard, but all I got was some tall grass and some white clover haha. So, I masked out myself, the chick, the faux swing and added the flowery background as the bottom layer in Photoshop. I also added more rope -obviously. *For photographers: backgrounds like this will be in my shop soon and all in one listing after I create just a few more! Click here to follow my shop.

I fixed my hair a little, blended the masking, fixed unflattering dress folds that I didn't like and then changed my dress color to purple, so I could match the flowers, of course!

The next photo shows some dark and dramatic editing, some glowing sunshine and I'm pretty sure some liquifying on my hair and maybe a tad around my waist haha. I always sharpen eyes, or in this case lashes and I do some airbrushing too to be honest. There's a tiktok video that shows the progression one photo after another where you can easily see what was liquified. To see the tiktok, click here, or click the below photo.

Now that I have this photo here, I see some mistakes on the rope and some blending on my hair that I'll want to go back and fix.

holly butler photography | photoshop magic

Here's the B&W version:

I added some fireflies too because I've gone this far, so why not?! *Shameless plug: The firefly overlays can be found in my etsy shop, along with the FREE dark and dramatic actions for Photoshop that are included in that listing! Click here for the direct link.

holly butler photography on tiktok

Let me know whatcha think and thanks for looking!