Christmas Mini Sessions

In you home and in front of YOUR Christmas tree!

I used to offer Christmas mini sessions, where I go into your home and photograph your family in front of YOUR decorated Christmas tree. Well, right now I'm trying to remember why that stopped and I'd like to bring the idea back this year!

Check out the (very old) photos below, along with info to think about for booking these! Editing is usually under one week, but just in case it's not, please consider that I may not finish all galleries by Christmas, but you'll have sneak peeks the day after shooting!

*If you have a different idea in your home, please let me know! For instance, I've seen really cute cookie baking photo sessions on pinterest and I'd love to add personalization like that!

Christmas minis in your home

For weekends, the last day I can be available for these is Saturday, December 16th. For weeknights, I have December 12th through the 13th and December 18th to December 22nd. We do not have to depend on the daylight hours for these portrait sessions!

1. If you're wanting some of your images to include bokeh lights, like in the photos below, there needs to be a good amount of space (3-5 feet) between your family and your Christmas tree, plus some space between your family and myself, to really achieve that look. So, think about that when putting up your tree this year.

2. The more lights, the better!

3. Don't be afraid to wear pajamas, especially the kiddos!

4. If your home gets a lot of window light, let's do this when it's close to getting dark outside. I typically don't want it extremely bright in your home, especially if you have a window next to your tree competing with the Christmas tree's lights.

5. Don't clean your home for me! I mean, tidy up around the tree, by all means, but other than that, I don't care if your house is spotless! I just want your tree and the area around it to look pretty.

6. I might move furniture around a little bit, so be prepared for that. Also, if you don't want things in the background, like pictures on the wall, just remove them!

7. Pets are welcome, so have treats ready.

8. I do encourage a cozy shot or two of your family on the couch, so if you have a Christmas blanket you love, let's use it. :)

*Just like all minis, the amount of people will need to be limited to just your immediate family for the most part, especially if your family is large.

*When planning on prints as Christmas presents, please consider that editing will be completed approximately 1 week after your session date.

All photos below were pulled from the archives!

New to HBP mini sessions? Welcome! HBP minis are15-20 minute sessions that include at least 15 fully edited images in color, plus the same amount of matching black and whites. All of the fully edited, full resolution images will be delivered to your email in a password protected gallery, ready for you to download. *Minis are best suited for immediate family/under 6 people please!

All of my collections are digitally all inclusive. This means there will not be any extra charge to download your full resolution, digital images! Shooting time, editing time and traveling time, to the mini session location are also built into the cost. I accept checks, cash, or I can send an online checkout link, via square. All cash or check payments can subtract $10 from the final balance. ​

The cost for minis is $260. To secure your spot on my calendar, $60 of the session fee and an online contract are required when booking. The rest is due on the day of the session. You will have the option to purchase professional prints separately, after receiving your gallery. You will get a print release, too, if you choose not to have your prints professionally printed. If you have questions, want to book with me, or if you just want to chat, please click her​e or click the contact page on the menu above and send me an email! 

Minis seem to work for my clients and I

Mini sessions are a great way to get quick family portraits in time for Christmas cards and gifts. In the Fall and winter, the sun sets before my clients get off work and it's hard to match their availability with mine. Meeting with multiple families in one afternoon on weekends through the Fall makes family portraits possible for more of my amazing clients!

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