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  • Holly

Baby steps to becoming a photographer

Yep, just like a lot of photographers I follow, I started to really get interested in photography after having a baby. The sad part is, I studied photography, along with computer graphics, in school... YEARS prior to then! I just didn't pursue it until I realized I wanted to capture every moment of my precious baby :)

I'm about to show you a timeline of SOME ups and downs, from before I started to make a small business out of it. I'm sort of nervous about this, but I will do it anyway... and critique myself because I just can't help it. Oh yeah, most of these are of my daughter because she had no choice!

Before the crappy images though, here's a timeline of my camera and lenses, as of right now:

I started with the entry level Nikon D3100 and a kit lens. I quickly figured out I hated the kit lens and purchased a 50mm 1.8, which I loved! Then, I moved up to a Nikon D7000 and added an 85mm 1.8 and 35mm 1.8 to my bag. When I upgraded my camera again, to a full frame Nikon D700, I also upgraded my 50mm to a 1.4 and it lives on my camera! Oh, and Ebay is my friend for selling gear I don't use anymore, such as the 50mm 1.8 and DEFINITELY the kit lens that came with my old d3100 camera body. :)

The image above isn't *too* bad, considering it was taken with a point and shoot camera. I wasn't thinking ahead as a photographer though... I was a 911 dispatcher, with a camera, a baby and an older version of Photoshop. I also edited this on a computer with a much smaller screen than I'm using now. Boy do I see some editing mistakes... where the red and black and white meet... and where the BAD fake bokeh ends. Whew! AND the dang black and white with color pop is SO OLD!!! AHHHHHHHH!

I just wanted a 5x7 Christmas card picture of my December baby :)

Do you like the sheet in the background? haha! I thought I'd make it VERY clear that this is a rookie picture, with that watermark!

The above image was taken with an entry level DSLR, which, with a decent lens, bad, but it was very limited, in my opinion. It was taken in aperture priority, not manual... What. A. Wuss. Her eyes weren't in focus either!!!!

This one is cute, but still out of focus. I could never charge money for these.

Getting better... Gah she's cute!

Okay, now we're talking! The above image is much better! I was finally shooting in complete manual and solving out of focus, camera shake and white balance issues. BUT, if you were to look very closely, you would see a dog hair stuck to the drool on her chin! HA! I didn't see this until we purchased a computer with a much larger monitor (essential for seeing things like this for clients).

Here's where I talked friends into letting me practice on them and their littles :) Much better, but whoa that's a bold and distracting watermark!!