• Holly

Spring minis part 1

Lots of fun was had during Spring minis this year. There were also plenty of cookies, lots of milk, and loads of cuteness!

The first family I'll blog about, is the Diggs family. They are one of the families that trusted me to use their girls as models when I was just starting out! I was using an entry level DSLR, a 1.8 prime lens and I had to really think about my camera settings. Also, they were given less final images, during alomst an hour of shooting time, than they were given after this 20 minute mini session! Since I brought it up, I've included a few of those images on this blog post, along with their updated pictures.


Their totally photogenic cousin, Kendall joined in too :)

Brooke in 2012:

Little sister, Holli wanted to recreate her older sister's dandelion image! Holli's wasn't taken at sunset, like Brooke's was, but she still rocked it.