Spring minis part 2

May 21, 2014

The first family on today's Spring mini session blog post, is the Ulisse family. No, that's not a typo, if you're thinking of yesterday's post lol. My mom was a Ulisse and lots of my cousins use me as their photographer AND Ulisses are everywhere LOL. Tomorrow's blog post may even feature a Ulisse haha! Seriously though...

The above image is hands down one of my favorite images of all!

The next family, is the Funkhouser family. They were a DREAM to photograph and I hope to see them again! I mean, I couldn't pay my daughter to give me the smiles and cooperation the youngest little girl did...

...big sister did a good job too.

Click here for Spring minis part 1

Click here for Spring minis part 3

Thanks for looking!

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