Double chin tips!

July 21, 2014


EDIT: This was written in 2014, so my logo is completely different than it is now. The post is still relevant though! :)


The last few times I told someone these double chin tips, I got an, "I'm not too sure about that" look! Well, let me just show you (with some embarrassing pictures) that these tips I've picked up, do work!! Warning: most of these images aren't very flattering, or very edited (except for a chin zit) and some are sort of out of focus! Also, disregard the glasses glare on all, but the one where it was corrected!


Tip #1: Don't pull your head back. Obviously... wow!

Tip #2: Don't tilt your head up! Just stop. It doesn't work! Wow, that's unflattering! NOSTRILS! A lot of people do this, by the way.


Tip #3: If you're worried about your double chin, ask to be photographed from above eye level! I look like a completely different person!!! 

She wanted to be in a picture :P 

Tip #4: (This is when I get the, "I'm not sure about that" look.) Sit up straight and position your head frontward. Like you're trying to put your head in front of your neck. Like a turtle. Yep, you're trying it now, aren't you?! Now, let's all thank Tyra Banks for that tip! Yes, I learned that from watching, America's Next Top Model. I'm not ashamed. :)

  Thanks for looking!


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