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The sun was shining on this maternity session

September 18, 2014

Hello, sunshine!











I normally start my sessions off in the shade, to avoid harsh shadows and squinty eyes. This time, however, I broke all my rules! We were in the shade for like 5 seconds, then we went straight into the brightness! Scary! While there are some images where I wish I could've captured more detail and less harsh shadows, I'm happy with the way the session turned out. It was full of laughter, love and sun flare! My favorites are the, huge-ball-of-sun-sillouhettes, but I really love all of the ones where the family is laughing and being themselves, as I clicked away.


I'm pretty sure I just critiqued myself...


Here are the images you clicked this link to see:

I'm not sure what the lovebirds were saying to each other, but there was another bird trying to eavesdrop... hehehe I crack myself up :)

Stepdaughter love <3

Thanks for looking!

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