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In 2016, I changed my website around and incorporated bits and pieces from this blog post for my, "meet Holly" page, instead of having a link to this post from my former, "about me" page to here. I'll probably continue updating this post with head shots and family pictures here though!


I have an, "about me" page on my site, but it's really more about, Holly Butler Photography, not me. So, here's a little more about me, in a nutshell:

-I'm very simple.

-I like frayed edges, imperfections and negative space.

-I'm shy, until you get to know me. Especially in a group setting.

-I will speak my mind.

-I'm very frugal.

-I can spot 4 leaf clovers instantly

-I have way too many unfinished home projects.

-I like to paint with acrylics and oils.

-I know how to develop film in a dark room, but I don't like it.

-I ONLY think with the right side of my brain. What's 2+2 again?

-I can't remember names.

-I'm a huge klutz; I hope and pray my clients don't drive away from sessions with me and think, "man, I hope those pictures look better than how she handles herself..."

-I try to keep ideas original

-I'm ambidextrous. I write with my left, but I paint, draw, apply mascara and use the computer mouse with both hands.

-I love bacon.

-I wish my husband would show his teeth when he "smiles" for the camera.

-I hate to clean, but I'm thankful I have a house to clean. Same with laundry.

-I like to help others and wish I could do it more.

-I loved my job as a dispatcher, but I now know photography is my home.

-I've only taken photography 101, as a credit that went towards a graphic design degree. At the time of enrollment, I didn't think too much of it...

-Photography found me.

Thanks for looking!

On location portrait photographer, based in Poquoson, Va 


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