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Lifestyle Head Shots

Back in June, I shot a unique session for my aunt. She needed images for her upcoming website and LinkedIn page, for her business, Pentafold Development. She wanted lifestyle/photojournalistic shots done, in her office, so her business could have a face with it's name. She knew how much I love capturing the real life, not-so-posed, lifestyle images and asked me to come out for a session. She's a smart lady! ;)


Okay, so I am super jealous of her office. It's roomy, there are great book shelves (although, I probably wouldn't use those for books lol) and there is great window light.

Right now, I'm typing this in my tiny computer room/ woman cave/ craft room/ prop room/ blacked-out-windows-so-I-can-edit room/ if-we-have-another-kid-it's-gone room. It's also a better-than-nothing room, so I won't complain further. :)


Here, she was sort of teaching me, like she would teach/coach Human Resources professionals and other professionals about interpersonal communication.


See, I told you she's a smart lady! Check out her new website:

Thanks for looking!