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  • Holly

Maternity session... under the rain clouds

Driving to this session, I was worrying it was going to pour rain all over us... I also realized I forgot to bring a quilt, but I didn't have enough time to turn around. And, when I got out of my car to put my camera strap around my neck, it somehow loosened itself away from my camera and my camera almost fell to the pavement! I thankfully caught it before it could fall.

As I hastily slide my strap end back into my camera, my clients pull up. I grabbed the old purse I was using as a camera bag, with a towel wrapped extra lens and camera body (my new camera bag hadn't arrived yet and my old one was already sold on ebay) and started walking towards their car...

I was feeling out of sorts before a session and I DO NOT LIKE THAT! Things could only go up from there right? Yes! As soon as this little one climbed out of her carseat :)


I was happy the sunset was starting to peek out underneath those clouds.


I learned I have a few things in common with this family. Momma is a photographer, her daughter is a 2 year old handful who doesn't sleep and she is attached to her parent's ears; My daughter is a 2 year old handful, who also doesn't sleep and is attached to "wrinkly" elbows (you have to straighten your arm, so she can get the wrinkly skin with her fingers). Anyways, I love it and was happy to capture this little girl's love for ears, even though she's not smiling in the image I got (there were a few others, but she was moving and so was I, so they were totally out of focus)!