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Family Session at Sunset

If you've never had a shredded ham sub, with house dressing, from Mr. C's in Poquoson, you're missing out! Mr. C's is a great family restaurant with delicious subs, salads and more. My daughter and I like to place our order in person, so we can play in the game room while we wait. Tonight, we played Mrs. Pacman and pinball while chewing gum from the gumball machine. Then, we left to meet my husband at home and totally pigged out on our awesome dinner! Fun fact: I paid for the majority my college education with tip money from that place! :)

Anyways, A few weeks ago, while sitting at C's eating an early dinner with my daughter (yes, I do cook, I promise), I was thinking about an idea I had a while ago for family minis at sunset. I booked up before I could send out the email for them, so they never happened.

Then, I went from having 2 sessions in a weekend, to having nothing for 2 weeks because of reschedules; one due to rain and the other just needed to be moved to November. I couldn't get sunset minis out of my head, so I decided to send out a bulk email for a last minute mini session for that upcoming Sunday. I was sort of wondering if anyone would sign up for it, especially since it was last minute. BUT, a family did respond and the outcome was beautiful!


This is what was happening as they were getting out of the car:


These two...


The next 2 images were taken about a year apart from each other... those boys have grown so much!


Thanks for looking!