Maternity session in a cotton field

My very best friend lives directly in front of farmland... The first year she and her husband moved into their house, there was cotton blooming in the field behind it! Could you imagine seeing bloomed cotton for miles, right on the edge of your back yard?!!! I told her (a lot) that we needed to have a photo session in that field.

After I found out she was pregnant, I was silently wondering how far along she'd be when that cotton would be bloomed. Instead, I should've been wondering if there would even be cotton blooming in that field, since there are SOY BEANS in it this year!!! I mean, nothing against soy beans, but COME ON!

It's a good thing she has connections because she was able to get permission to pick between 2, or 3 (maybe more?) nearby cotton fields to use for her maternity session! The farmer even said we could go into the field to get whatever shot we needed! It was totally worth zig zagging through cotton plants, tripping all over the place and getting my feet sandy (I didn't know there would be sand and wore flip flops). I mean, it was just breathtaking.

Maybe I forgot to mention they're gorgeous?

...I still have a piece of cotton in my wallet :)

Thanks for looking!

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