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  • Holly

See my daughter grow

I have this little girl who's made my life difficult since she was growing inside me, but she's so worth it!

She's a sweetheart, just after she's thrown a fit.

She hates the camera, but the camera loves her.

She doesn't want to sleep, until it's time to get up.

She can tell you what letter your name starts with, but skips numbers 14 through 19, when counting.

She's 3 today.

This was our quick family portrait, around this time last year.

We had lots of chances to play in the snow in January and February and she's been asking to do so ever since! (No, I didn't fake those snow flakes.)

I photographed her in my wedding dress, when I had, In My Mommy's dress, Valentine's Day minis. She loved it, but I bet she'd love it more a year later!

She wanted to wear some of my shoes too.

She named her fish, Fluffy.

She looks like daddy when she smiles like this.

She always wants to go throw rocks in the water.