Milestone, birthday party style!

There are 2 things I wish when seeing images from a child's birthday party. 1. I wish my daughter was born in a month where it's more likely to be warm, than cold. 2. I wish I hired someone to photograph her last birthday party, and the 2 before that.

This little man turned 1 in October and I had the pleasure to photograph his birthday party! I was worried about shooting in bright, sunny conditions, but it wasn't so bad, there was some shade and I was happy with the shots I got, both lifestyle and posed.

The birthday boy's grandparent's yard was beautifully decorated in October decor. And, mama thought of everything, from a pumpkin patch, to an area set up for family pictures, to a pumpkin decorating station, to pumpkin ring toss!

This isn't the first time I caught him sneaking goodies :)

Everyone who joined the party decorated pumpkins and totally loved it!

What a gorgeous little girl! I found myself preoccupied photographing her :D

I swear, he loves the camera!

Caught you again, big brother!

Nom! Nom! Nomnomnom!

Thanks for looking!

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