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There are 3 days until Christmas and I am ever so thankful this year. I've been wanting to write about how thankful I am since November, as I like to express thanks around Thanksgiving, but I was kept very busy last month (totally thankful for!!). Here are just a few things, aside from obvious things, like my family, close friends and health:

1. I'm thankful for this business and my clients who make it possible.

My clients have made this year so wonderful, trusting me to capture their moments, their memories and their smiles. This business makes it so I am able to express all of my artistic abilities and do EVERYTHING I enjoy, so I can truly say, "I love my job". I was once employed by a graphic design company, where I was told I was hired to try out all the jobs/tasks I could do at the company, pick the one I was good at, then stick with it. After 4 months on the job, I was still doing all of the tasks that were presented to me from the beginning and it was hard for me to pick one strong point! I really wanted to do a little bit of everything, but I wasn't allowed to. Working for myself, as a photographer, I can utilize all of my artistic abilities. I create graphic art, I draw, make crafts, paint, repurpose, reupholster and even sew. I am happy to do all of it for all of you and I'd be sitting around playing on Facebook, or twiddling my thumbs if I had someone else do all of those things for my business. Thank YOU for making all of this possible.

2. I'm thankful to be home with my family.

My husband and my clients have given me the ability to work from home. While it's challenging to have my daughter demand my attention as I work from home, days like today really make up for it! Today, after a hectic few months of editing while she was awake (I try to edit while she's asleep), my daughter and I have lounged around all day, being silly and just spending time together. I will forever remember this day and I'll be forever grateful for it! She won't be little for long and I thank God I'm able to be here with her to make memories.

3. I'm thankful for those who are on standby for me, even if they don't even know me.

To clarify, I'm talking about police officers, our military, fire fighters, ems, nurses, doctors, dispatchers and anyone else I missed. If I was still employed at the 911 center, I believe Christmas Day this year would be my, "Monday", for 12 hours and I'd be 2 hours away from my family. That fact AND everything in the news recently reminds me how thankful I am for them. They do their jobs because they want to. They sacrifice being away from their families, so we can safely be with ours because they chose to. I admittedly didn't have as much respect for any of them until it was put right in front of my face that they all work nights, holidays and just plain long shifts (or months, or longer, if we're talking military) away from their families and a lot of who I'm talking about risk their lives while doing so... Every day they come to work. Anyways, I'm thankful for each and every one of them for being on stand by, JUST IN CASE I need some help, or for fighting for our country, so I can enjoy Christmas with MY FAMILY, EVERY YEAR. Thank you for what you do. All of you.

4. I'm thankful for another year.

I'm about to have another birthday and while I sometimes gripe about it being the day after Christmas, it's really not as bad as it seems. My family makes an effort to use birthday wrapping paper, vs. Christmas paper and they also make an effort to hold off with birthday presents until my birthday, even if it would be more convenient to just give them to me on Christmas. I'm laughing at myself while typing this and thinking, "have I complained about all these things and they're accomodating because of it? What a b***h"! Haha! Instead of griping about being older, aging, or seeing Christmas paper wrapped on birthday presents, I'm just happy to be living for another year. Not everybody gets another year.

5. I'm thankful for being needed.

I have a dog who is now pawing at me because she needs to go outside and a toddler who needs me to make her dinner in a few minutes and they're making me realize, at this moment, that I'm thankful to be needed around here. There was a point in my life when I thought a dog was out of the question, because neither of us worked close enough to come home and let a dog out every day. There was also a time when I didn't think I'd be able to have a successful pregnancy. But, it all worked out for us and I have a toddler and a dog reminding me that I'm needed RIGHT NOW. My husband needs me to wash his work clothes today too and my house needs me to clean it, so it's time to finish this post, since I'm totally needed. :)


As always, thanks for looking!