Sessions that never made it to the web

I like to post images to the web, whether they're posted to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or here on my blog. But, sometimes they never make it to the web and the reason is usually because they're a gift, or a surprise. The following are a few sets of images that never made it to the internet, but are making an appearance now!

The first set are shots of the Mestas. They are a couple that I swear up and down are newlyweds, or newly engaged, but they've been married for about 6 years! They get the sweetest couple of the year award for sure!

Next, are a group of cousins. The little man in the middle lives out of state and was in town for a period of time in the summer and needed to be in these images for a gift to the family. When it came time for their session, it looked like the sky was going to fall! We knew the session needed to be shot, so we took a chance and I'm so glad we did! :)

Last, but not least, I have the Campbell family from spring minis last year. It was just mama and her boys, so they could have the images for a Father's day gift to dad.

If you were part of my Christmas mini sessions and your images never made it to the internet, they will be on here soon. Thanks for looking!

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