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Fall minis 2014 part 1

I truly loved fall minis last year. I loved everything about them. The props, from Greenhouse Picker Sisters, the clients, the scenery, the horses and the perfect cloudy lighting! I had the pleasure of photographing 10 families total, on that cold November day, so I'm going to break them up into a series of blog posts.

The first 3 sessions, for part 1 of the blogs posts, are in no particular order. They are the first 3 in my fall mini folder on my computer... They're in alphabetical order according to my computer, BUT I'm a random person. Some of the family session folders were typed using the first and last name and some of them were typed using the last name only... SO, you don't really know who will be on here, or who will be in the next set of the series! Hehehe. :)

This first set happens to start with the first image I sneak peeked to Facebook and Instagram though. As I said when I posted it, I knew I loved it when I pressed down the shutter on my camera! I may've even said it to these two gorgeous ladies when I shot it!


This next set is of a stunning lady and I couldn't stop photographing her eyes and tattoos! I love that she's not scared to express herself in that way and I'm jealous of her courage to permanently ink her body and go bold with her hair! I LOVE tattoos because I love all different kinds of art, but I've always been too scared to get any ink myself. I also love bold hair, even though I don't do anything too fancy to my own... I'll just have to admire people like her instead, since I'm a chicken lol.