Fall minis 2014 part 2

Good morning (technically... it's after midnight). I challenged myself to 1 blog post a day, for a week and I goofed on day 3! But, I now have some images ready to show for part 2 of the Fall mini 2014 blog posts.

The first set of images are of the Dotsons, a sweet family of 4. They came to fall minis 2013, then decided to come back for more in 2014! Their favorite image from the year prior was of them walking away from the camera holding hands, so I made it a point to get the same shot a year later. :)

That horse! ;)

Next is the Mosteller family. I had never met them before, but it turns out they're neighbors to my husband's best friend, John. It's a small world! They seem like such a sweet family too.

Last, but not least is the Martin family. They were my first session of the day and I was keeping my fingers crossed, that every session after them would be as smooth sailing as theirs was! Their outfits went together perfectly (not only with each other, but with the props too), they all had perfect smiles, the toddler of the family smiled on demand, they have perfect hair... okay, I'll stop lol.

Thanks for looking and in case you're wondering where I got most of the props, check out, Greenhouse Picker Sisters, on Facebook!

Thanks for looking!

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