Fall minis 2014 part 3

Things happen in 3's a lot. Just after Christmas, we had 3 costly things happen in our house; A drain pipe in the front yard got clogged, while the washing machine was going... which flooded part of the kitchen. After that was fixed, we had to unclog the washing machine drain because there was a shop rag in the drain (I guess that wasn't so costly, but it was a huge pain in the butt)! How does that even happen?!! After that was fixed, the lines to the washing machine (or, inside the washing machine?) busted, from the freezing weather (it's right outside the kitchen, in the garage). So, 3 things happened to our washing machine? We ended up replacing the washing machine. I'm tired of typing, "washing machine" and thinking of the washing machine and the amount of clothes that have piled up this week, so let's get on with, fall minis part 3!

First, is the Scully family... and Dakota the horse.

Next is this adorable family of 4... and Dakota the horse.

Then, The Neeley family. :)

I think Dakota was feeling left out...

And, last but not least, the Slater family.

And, Dakota, of course.

Thanks for looking!


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