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Christmas minis part 1

For Christmas minis this year, I painted an 8x10 picture of an indoor Christmas scene, scanned it, then added some things to it in Photoshop. I had it all sized and ready to send, high res, to a backdrop printer, so they could blow it up and print it as a custom-nobody-else-has-this-backdrop, backdrop. Ummmm, yeah until the James family asked me to come up with a Christmas-y set up for outside family pictures! Ha!

While skimming the internet and Pinterest, I kept seeing antique trucks, with wreaths and Christmas trees and I thought, "dang, I wish I had something like that to use for this session". Then, it dawned on me that my husband's Grandfather has a 1966 Ford pickup, red and everything! DUH. After I shot the James family's session, I decided to scrap the backdrop idea and use Granddad's truck instead. :)

Here's the James family:


It was really cold that day, if you can't already tell, from the boys expressions...


Thank you for subconsciously changing my thoughts on Christmas minis, Rachel! I think they turned out way better than they would've inside.

Next, is the sweetest family of 3... at a different location than the last. I picked a different spot to do the official Christmas mini sessions because the other, while beautiful, was still a roadway and I couldn't ask 12 families to come take pictures on a roadway!

...Anyways, back to the sweetest family of 3 :)