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Christmas minis part 2

It's been quite a few days since I blogged the first part of Christmas minis and I'm sorry it seemed that I flaked with the second part! The hubs was out of town from Wednesday to Sunday, so during naptime and night time, I was working on home projects, instead of blogging. You see, he's not too open minded about me thinking outside of the box when it comes to home improvements, until he sees the final product, so I take the opportunity to do it while he's out of town!! :D :D :D! Okay, I did tell him what all I was doing in text messages and his response was, "awesome" every time. BUT,when I told him someone cheated on someone, with someone else, his response was also, "awesome", so I'm not sure he was paying attention LOL! ...The first project I did was paint our linoleum bathroom floor. The second thing I did, was hang Downton Abbey inspired curtains, with a true puddle. The third thing I did was contact paper our kitchen countertops. All turned out great, I spent less than $75 AND everything, except for the painted linloeum (it's the bathroom that connects to our bedroom upstairs and we're the only ones that go in there, so who cares) can be reversed. I just hope everything lasts for a good while!

Now, onto the Christmas minis...

First up is the Kulis family. These two children were CUTENESS OVERLOAD and I hope they didn't leave the session on a sugar overload! Marshmallows and other candy seemed to do the trick, when it came to cute smiles! Oh and big sister helped with the smiles BIG TIME!


Next, is the Martin family. They were so sweet and weren't afraid to kick back and have fun! This image is my favorite of them (and possibly my fav out of all Christmas minis!). It's unposed, no props, except for the sun, the earth and shadows:


Lastly, is the Philpott family. As I said when I posted their images to Facebook, I was a little nervous to take their pictures, since they're kin to the original Oneal's portrait studio owner! I got their approval though! :) :) :)