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Christmas minis part 3

My husband, Travis and I have been thanking God these past few days... He went on a 4 day snowboarding trip. Rode home, just fine. The next morning, he woke up and couldn't hardly get out of the bed, with extreme back pain! Of course, he still leaves the house thinking he'd go buy a back brace and go to work (he has crazy work ethic), but he ended up in the ER instead. They said it was muscle strain and sent him home with a prescription for pain meds. 3 days later, he still wasn't at work and was still hardly walking!

We ended up at a spine doctor, who said he has a disc in his spine that's degenerating, BUT the pain can be fixed with steroids and the degeneration can be slowed/stopped with physical therapy! The steroids worked almost immediately and he was back to work the next day (yesterday), which, I think made him the most happy; He's been an auto mechanic since his teens and he works at his dad's repair shop. He literally works from 7am to 1am a lot because he wants to finish a job he promised someone, or do a favor for a friend. So, it was killing him that he couldn't even put on his socks. It was killing me to see him in pain, so WE'RE THANKING GOD!

Before all of this drama happened, as you probably already know, I had the pleasure of photographing so many sets of families for Christmas minis. Here are just 3 of them:

First, is the Insley family. I met Rahe some time ago, when I was waiting tables at Mr. C's. She and her family were, "regulars" and I could probably remember and tell you what their usual order was! Anyways, we remained friends throughout the years and I was so excited when she signed up for these minis with her family. :)


Skylar was a trooper :)


The next family, is the Humphreys family. This session was special because the props they brought are family heirlooms; they brought their own sled, that's been in the family for a long time, their own wreath and the little boy, Parker is wearing a watch that was his grandfather's. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but maybe his hat has special meaning too? This is why I shouldn't blog about a session more than a month after shooting it...


He didn't mind posing and showing off that watch!