Christmas minis part 4

January 26, 2015

Finally, the last part of Christmas minis 2014!


A long while ago, I was a part time bank teller, at the slowest bank there is, in Nags Head. That's where I met Trish. She worked there as a relationship banker/teller/manager/that's-what-happens-at-a-slow-bank lol. I think she and I were 2 out of 5 employees, or something crazy like that. She ended up moving to the Richmond area and I moved back to Poquoson, not too long after, but we never lost contact! 

It was the first time I met her daughter, but I can tell the 2 of them are like 2 peas in a pod, for real!

Next, is the English family. I'm not going to lie and say it's easy getting a family of 6, including little ones to smile at the same time, but it really helps when the oldest kids hold their smiles, as they wait for their younger siblings to give some sort of a smile! THEY WERE AMAZING!

Next, is the Cooper family. Little man, William wasn't all that thrilled about the cold weather, but he did crack a smile a time or two, as I jumped around, making faces at him. haha!

I also got a few shots of my neighbor's kids, for their online Christmas card...

The youngest, on the left is my daughter's bestie :)

Last, but not least, is my sister in law's family and my own family!

Thanks for looking!

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