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Gabriella is 1!

Today, I've been trying to edit something that's not for the public eye (not yet at least), but Photoshop has crashed, or decided not to respond so many times! The count is something crazy, like, Holly - 0, Photoshop - 9. So, I decided, instead to blog about a little cutie that I've had the pleasure to photograph since birth! AND, I can't believe she's already 1!

She was a little shy at first, but once she got a taste of that cake, she gave me THE MOST expressions ever. I mean, she just really enjoyed that cake and I believe she made this my best cake smash yet! There were a lot of images to choose from, but I tried to just stick with my favorites.

This was one of the few she was happy to smile for, before she got a taste of the cake, lol!

I sent Dawn, from Hey Cupcake an iPhone picture of Gabriella's bloomers and bib and she did an amazing job at creating a cake to match. She always does AND her cakes absolutely taste as good as they look! You really should click on the link I provided above and like their Facebook page... it'll open in another window, so you don't lose your spot here. ;)

She was very intense at times...

...and happy to feel that cake in her hands...

...not sure about feeling it on her feet though lol.