Do you know why you're fighting anymore?

I know this is not something I normally do here, on the world wide web. And if you've noticed, my blog posts aren't usually all that personal, since I like to get to the point and share my client's photos. But, an incident occurred last night to a good friend and I can't get the, "what if's" out of my head today. Now, this has nothing to do with said friend, except for the thought process that was triggered from it...

Think back to a time you experienced a great loss. Nothing else in this world mattered, except the loss of that person, right? But, what if the two of you had differences. What if you hadn't spoken, or seen each other in weeks, months, years?

Do you know why you're fighting anymore? Does it really make a difference if she's white and he's black and she's a democrat, or he's with him and she's with her? Did a loved one's actions make you so mad that you would completely push him, or her out of your life? Do you know tomorrow is not guaranteed? Are you going to wait until something tragic happens to realize how important your family and friends are to you?

This is a picture of my grandparents, on my mom's side, right after they were married (obviously)... My Nona and Papa. After I became fluent in Photoshop, I retouched thier wedding photos for them, as a gift because their originals were literally disintegrating. Then, when my grandmother passed away, in 2007, at the young age of 67, I used the same wedding pictures as part of her collage, for her funeral. I also scanned every picture that was suggested by family and made one huge collage to be printed multiple times, for all who wanted it. But, it was hard to find many pictures of her because she was usually the one behind the camera. I started to realize something my Nona already knew: FAMILY MEMORIES ARE IMPORTANT. FAMILY IS IMPORTANT. (if this was on of my upbeat, bubbly posts, here's where I'd insert why family sessions, with me are so important).

She had documented EVERY SINGLE Christmas, Easter, Birthday, reunion and you name it, she documented it. She wasn't in the picures ONLY because she was taking them and we all know she was there making those wonderful memories (and usually organizing each and every gathering).

This is another picure I retouched. It's my little brother. He died when he was 9. But, he never had to witness hate, or separation, or care about differences. He only knew love. He was only shown love. Do me a favor and show everyone you love, the love you'd show a dying little boy. A little brother, a son, a nephew, a classmate. Because TOMORROW IS NOT GUARANTEED, PEOPLE! Forget about your differences. Stop fighting. Invite your ex friend to the party. Apologize to your sister, your cousin, your mom, your dad. Make it so you don't have regrets. And be happy to make things right. Even if it's just a small effort. You'll feel better. Anger takes so much energy AND it will age you (I may've made that last part up).

Now, I'm not looking for an, "I'm sorry for your losses" festival, I just want to remind everyone about what really matters. Because some people need to be reminded they WILL regret their actions one day. Hopefully, it won't be too late.

These are simply my reminders, for you. And my 2 cents... or 5, or whatever.

Thanks for looking

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