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First, let me start with how much I LOVE the name, Selena! It just has a ring to it and I can't stop telling mom how much I love it. Second, I love lifestyle maternity and newborn sessions way too much! I'm not past the posed baby sessions, in fact I still do them and this is not about me turning my nose up at them... Maybe I'm better at the lifestyle, than I am with the newborn posing? Or, posing in general? I've never claimed to be a baby whisperer... a toddler whisperer, maybe, but that's because I was blessed with a hard to handle toddler lol. I definitely don't consider myself a baby whisperer though and I do really love the natural, every day, first moments of parenting... The calming, the rocking, the not sleeping, even the crying. It's the stuff that really happens though, right?

I shot their maternity mini session back in January and I promised myself I'd blog about that session when I blogged about their newborn session. Okay, so I'm a little behind on blogging, since she was born the beginning of March, but here goes...

Ummmm, yeah, he just starts posing all sweet like that on his own, for real!!

I'm not going to lie, I've been wanting to do a simple, in-home maternity like that since I started this whole photography thing! I always ended up using backdrops, or going outside (not that there's anything wrong with either!!!).

Then, I came back to their home, for newborn images too...

Thanks for looking!

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