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  • Holly

Sweet baby Brock

Last month, I had the pleasure to photograph, sweet baby Brock and his beautiful mommy, Whitney. When I arrived at their home, I carried my thirty-one utility totes (they're the best to carry all my blankets and photo things to newborn sessions!) past a table, with the cutest boy props for me to use. So, I quickly set up my area, next to some beautiful window light and started to get to work. But, baby Brock didn't want anything to do with sleep at the beginning of the session! You know that's okay with me, since I love to get those lifestyle shots and I secretly couldn't wait to photograph everything I saw around me! This home was just full of photo ops and props... I couldn't stop telling mama she's lucky they live closer to me because I'd be at their house every other week asking to use something of theirs. ;)

We started (again lol) in a cozy sitting room, filled with beautiful natural light and I swear this baby was playing it up for the camera! I think he didn't want to go to sleep, so I could get shots of his big beautiful eyes...





When I got to his room, I was just blown away by how beautifully decorated it was. I mean, you can't get anymore rustic than his room. GREAT JOB, MAMA!!




After walking him around to different areas of his home, he did go to sleep for some posed shots. This image was on the top of the list and mama, had everything already on hand! Okay, maybe daddy was the one who had those things on hand. ;)