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Spring 2015 part 1

I picked up this chair from the thrift store for $3 and I knew I wanted to use it for mini sessions. It had to be reupholstered because it was missing a seat cushion and it would've been impossible to find late 70's yellow fabric to sew a new cushion! The wooden part was a dark stain and it went well with the yellow fabric, which would've been great for minis in the Fall, but like I said, it didn't have that cushion, so I had an excuse for another project! Things happen for a reason because this chair was great for a beach setting AND it goes great in the corner of my dining room! Win-win :)

I had the pleasure of using my chair as a setting for 8 families so far, for Spring minis. I wanted to shoot during the last hour of sunlight, so I had to break the sessions up to 3 families a night and I'm still shooting (my next set of sessions will be June 14th).

The first family is the English family. A sweet family of 6... mama, daddy, THREE boys and a sweet baby girl...





The next family is the Mabry family. A stunning mommy/daughter duo...




...and pup too!



The Blount family is 2 seemingly laid back parents and a very spunky daughter! She was all over the place and it took her a minute to trust me... But when she did, magic happened!