Spring 2015 part 3

July 10, 2015

Finally, part 3 of Spring minis! I hope I wasn't too annoying with posting a whole bunch of teasers, every few weeks on my Facebook page... If I was, I'm not sorry. :D  But, this is the last set of them, in case you wanted to know.


If you missed part 1, click here. If you missed part 2, click here.


First, I want to start with a sweet trio (only because daddy couldn't make it that night) AND their dogs! I stinking love dogs, in case you didn't know. That's why this family gets to be featured one this post first! hehe! :)









The next family is the Ford family. The extended family all happened to be in town at the time of the very last set of Spring minis, so they took the opporturnity and used 2 back to back time slots. We totally needed the extra time, especially since there were so many children to jump up and down for! Sometimes my jumping didn't work for them and they just cried, but I can't take that personally lol. 











 Last, but not least is the Ulisse family. With this family, we were blessed with a totally awesome sunset! And to think we almost thought we'd have to cancel due to rain :) 








 That's it for Spring minis! I hope you enjoyed the images and  Thanks for looking!


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