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  • Holly

Fall minis 2015

I'm not sure if you noticed, but I turned off the blog portion of my website for a while.

One reason is, I was really slacking with blogging for some reason, after cotton minis.Also, my website provider made some changes and the changes somehow stretched the web-sized images I had blogged about... in all of my blog posts before mid 2015! Yeah, talk about pixellated. No photographer wants their images to look pixellated. And, I didn't know it had happened until months after it did.

I sort of gave up on blogging and I felt like all I was doing in my spare time was deleting and uploading images in blog posts from 2014 - late 2015, instead of blogging newer sessions! So, I simply turned off my blog instead. Seriously, I gave up.

Now, it's February of 2016, ALREADY and I decided to bite the bullet, make my blog visible again and add a few images from Fall and from Christmas minis to my blog. I've also decided that I'll at least be blogging mini sessions from now on.

Here goes some of the images from Fall minis and some from Christmas minis will follow in another post ;)