Maternity Highlights

The two most recent maternity sessions I shot, involved gorgeous locations and gorgeous parents. Both couples were gearing up to be first time parents as well. :)

Lauren and David's session was shot the end of last year. It was around the time I figured out my blog was messed up, making more than half of my blog posts looking crazy, so I basically cut out blogging for months and never blogged their session. Well, better late than never, here are their highlights:

Stunning, right?!

The next couple, Dottie and Brent, were at least photographed this year and we met at the, always gorgeous, Windsor Castle Park, for a fun and gorgeous session.

Dottie and Brent's whole maternity session can be found at the bottom my, "what to expect" page, so you can get a clear sense of what your maternity session's gallery could be like. :)

As always, thanks for looking!

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