6 month milestone sessions

I promised everyone I would at least feature highlights from sessions and I didn't. I have a great reason for that though; between my daughter and I, we've been sick with just about everything, since April! Strep throat, mononucleosis, hand foot and mouth, ear infections and pink eye. I think that's everything lol. While my daughter is napping, I'm blogging these 6 month milestone sessions, then hopefully some highlights from #thatoldchair Spring sessions.

First, is little R. His mommy works at the same salon my best friend works and where I get my hair done. I remember seeing her, the last time I was in for a color (yeah, I don't go very often!), while she was pregnant with him... Yep, she looked amazing pregnant too! :D

We beat the rain (well, for the most part), at Windsor Castle Park and it was worth stressing over!

Next, is little E. I had a feeling she would be amazing for me, judging by her older sister and her family's portraits a few years back. And I was right! She and her sister were nothing, but smiles from the time they walked in the door, to the time they left! I don't even think we shot for the full 20 minutes and I got so many amazing images!

Rockstars. All of my clients are rockstars and I'm so lucky!

Thanks for looking!

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