#thatoldchair Spring sessions Part 1

I ended up just creating a hashtag for my chair. It was done for Instagram purposes, but it emerged onto Facebook as well.

It's true though, it's an old chair. I got it for $3 at a thrift store and I believe the original tag said 1981, so it's as old as me. For a chair, that's kinda old lol. When I reupholstered it, I antiqued it, making it also look old and painted over and over. Then, I developed a habit of leaving it in the back of my SUV because it was requested for all of my beach sessions this year and I got lazy... I didn't think that over all that well because the heat made the paint peel off in places where it wasn't antiqued. That's okay because I recently painted and antiqued again, then waxed, so I didn't have to fake the painted over and over again look! :D

The first family, the G family, also came to these sessions last year and brought their surf board. So, naturally, when they signed up for this year, I requested they bring it again! :)

The next family is the C family. They were known on my Facebook page as the family with the perfect smiles. Because, well, come on, look at the smiles!

And, last, but not least is the D family. They're also repeats of #thatoldchair sessions, so they got a before/after shot at the end, as well.

Thanks for looking!

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