#thatoldchair part 3

Oh my goodness, I am so spoiled by my husband, y'all! Almost EVERY SINGLE SESSION I had, with this chair (except for just a few because he couldn't get off work), my husband chauffeured me around to the location AND carried the heavy chair (over his head lol) for me! How awesome is that?!

Anyways, get ready because I COULD NOT CHOOSE just a handful of image highlights to put in this post. Like, seriously, just about every image below had 5 more that I left out because I don't want to go too overboard...

The first family, is the W family. This is the 2nd session they've had with me and they give me the best lifestyle shots, without even trying.

The next family, is the B family. I'll start with the headshot collage, from one of their sneak peeks on Facebook... of all of the ladies in the family... yep, he's TOTALLY outnumbered!

Last, is the W family. They came to me for an extended family session and some of them may look familiar because they've been on my blog before :).

Thanks for looking!!

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