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#66fordtruck sessions

October 22, 2016

Y'all, I had a rough time with these sessions this year, I'm not going to lie! The truck sessions I was able to shoot were AWESOME, but it was not awesome when I had to reschedule the next set of them, then reschedule, then reschedule until there was nothing else to do, but to move onto something else :(. The weather man was against me, so was mechanical issues with the truck, then the weather man struck again and I was super bummed. 


BUT, like I said the clients I was able to shoot had some AWESOME sessions!


Here are some from the Insleys:







Then, I had the opportunity to shoot part one of Paige's senior session with Granddad's truck...






Lastly, is the very sweet Gernert family.








  Thanks for looking!



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