Seniors, class of 2017

I can't believe it's 2017 already! 2016 was such a blur for me. It went by faster than most years, for some reason, even though I was sick and sluggish for what felt like most of the year. For most of the summer, I had mono, on top of pink eye twice, followed by hand foot and mouth! Yeah, I can't believe I even put that on here lol. I had a rough summer, catching all of the childhood sicknesses, followed by a rough end of the year, with that 2 week coughing-nose-head thing that everyone has been getting. I can't complain anymore about it though because it could have been worse and it wasn't.

A big resolution for the new year is to blog more, because I totally fall behind in the blogging department. I may have found the solution for making the time to blog: a laptop. I was able to score a 2011 macbook pro for WAAAAAY under what it's valued because I've become a master ebay bidder lol. Now, when I have downtime, instead of mindless phone scrolling (yes, I have a bad habit of doing that), I can just grab the laptop, resize some images and create posts to showcase them. I think that beats going upstairs to isolate myself in front of the computer, like I do when I'm editing lol.

Anyway, back in October, I shot 3 senior sessions. The first was Paige's session. She picked a location on the beach and we were kind of back and forth about rescheduling, due to rain, but I'm so glad we didn't! I love how the rain clouds add drama to the beautiful sunset in the images at the end... see for yourself :)

The next senior is Lily. I photographed she and her family over the summer and her mom asked that I also shoot her senior session. I was delighted to, of course... THEN, when I pulled up to the location, we lucked out with the huge hay bales and I was super delighted! :D

In case you're wondering who did Lily's amazing makeup, it was this amazing MUA, named Brelyn. She can also be found on instagram, by searching @makeupbybrelyn :)

Last, but not least, is Chris. The last time I shot photos of him, I'm pretty sure he was half the size he is now!

I had a full schedule, but wanted to fit him in. I had a day blocked off, due to a family party past Richmond, but his aunt happened to live VERY close to where I was going and he was staying with her for the weekend! It was a win-win. The whole day was super nice, wearing short sleeves and all that, then the wind picked up and the temperature DROPPED. The clouds in the sky were filling up too, but we met anyway and shivered in our short sleeves along together lol.

Thanks for looking!


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