There were 10 in the bed | 2016

Once upon a time, probably about 4, or so years ago, when my daughter was small enough to be rocked to sleep, I was stuck on the couch with a sleeping baby all the time, so I looked at Pinterest... A LOT. Because I had that I'm-a-sucker-mom downtime lol.

One Pinterest idea that stuck in my mind from then, was a photo session set up with kids jumping on a bed, outside, in their pj's. I just thought it was the cutest thing. I think it was at a Christmas tree farm, or something, I don't exactly know now, but it sparked an idea for me and I was finally able to make it happen for some of my clients last year. To make it a little different from what the original photographer did, I wanted to use a lot of random quilts and pillows, instead of a matching bedding set. I also wanted the backdrop to have more of a grassy, woodsy, sunsetty look, instead of at a Christmas tree farm. Looking back at these images now, I think I like how it turned out, I love how much fun the kids had and I'll most likely want to try it again towards the end of this year.

The first set is my daughter and her 2 cousins on my husband's side.

As I'm typing this, I'm thinking of the next set of kids and how the youngest did not really have fun lol. Well, just check it out for yourself:

The last set is of a little boy who is SOOOOOO patient with his mommy and I! You've seen his sweet face on this blog a time, or two. He played along so well during this session... check him out:

Since his mom lets me use them as "guinea pigs", I added a little Christmas magic to his session. :)

Thanks for looking!

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