My favorite captures of solos | 2017

Yesterday, I talked a little about juggling being a photographer + a stay at home mom + a preschool volunteer/PTA mom and how thankful I am to have the opportunity to do so. At the very end of the blog post, I thanked my husband, Travis, but he deserves more than just a small thank you at the end! We went from having 2 full time incomes and full benefits, living in OBX, in a newly remodeled home, to moving back to Virginia, to 1 income... all because we had a baby and I suddenly wanted to move her close to family. When I say, "suddenly", you should know we had previously talked about living in our home in OBX for a very long while (or, we would NOT have remodeled like we did!), we had child care in place, after my maternity leave and we were really only 2 hours away from our family. *Now is where I'll add that I DO NOT KNOW HOW MILITARY WIVES LIVE SO FAR AWAY FROM FAMILY. They have got to be the strongest women to not only be away from their families, but also be both the mom and dad at times... did I mention they usually do that without their family?!*

So, we moved back to Virginia and decided I should stop looking for dispatcher jobs, like the one I had in OBX, because of how the night shift schedule would be so different here than what we were used to (2 night shifts a week, vs. a month of night shifts at a time, was a huge difference, when we add in his long hours too). And, just like that, I was a stay at home mom, we only had one income, we were paying way more for insurance, plus we had an extra mouth to feed. But, my hard working husband made it work for us.

It took me a while to feel like I was contributing to our income (it definitely costs money to make money!) and he helped out along the way, A LOT! Not that I'm back to what I was making before, or anything, but this job is something I love, being a stay at home mom is something I love and it's all possible because of my amazing, kind, hard working husband, who has made sacrifices for me to build this small business!

Now, enough about my awesome husband and time for some solo shot favorites!

The first is, Chanda. She's not only beautiful, but she runs a successful salon, called Salon on Pointe.

Next, is Mike. He, not only works a full time job, but he also runs a screen printing business, called Continuous Tones.

The next few solo shots, all come from the employees at JJC Realty (this is their website, the other was their facebook page).

A beautiful niece of mine. <3

A beautiful fellow mommy. :)

And, a beautiful fire fighter!

Thanks for looking!

On location portrait photographer, based in Poquoson, Va 


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