Beach Session Favorites 2017 | Part 1

December 29, 2017

2017 was my busiest year yet! But, when I'm super busy, I FAIL TO BLOG! And I always regret not blogging the most, when I'm wanting to book seasonal sessions and I want to showcase the previous year's images to my clients. So, before the year is over, I told myself I'd at least get Spring/Beach sessions blogged, since they were the first seasonal sessions I did for the year. Meanwhile, I got pretty busy in December too and I FAILED TO BLOG BEACH SESSIONS, so I'm going to back date this post to make the sessions post in chronological order! :D :D :D


I shot 9 families, on my painted bench, close to sunset, on the beach and I loved the outcome! I did miss using the big chair, I like to call, That Old Chair, but I liked the coral bench almost as much. Even though it weighs less than That Old Chair, it was somehow more difficult to carry across the street and onto the beach! ;D


Another piece of "furniture" that was totally awesome and unexpected, was a large piece of driftwood! It was perfectly placed by nature and it hung around all season, which added to the gorgeous scenery! Check out a some of 2017's beach sessions below. :)



























 You can check out part 2 here and part 3 here. :)


Thanks for looking!!

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