In-Home Christmas Session Favorites

January 16, 2018

Since I only take 2-3 In-Home Christmas sessions each year, these favorites are from 2015, 2016 and 2017. Also, check out some tips for your next In-Home Christmas Session at the bottom of this page!



















Tips before booking:

1. If you're wanting some of your images to include bokeh lights, like in the photos above, there needs to be a good amount of space (3-5 feet) between your family and your Christmas tree AND space between your family and myself, to really achieve that look. So, think about that when putting up your tree this year.

2. Don't skimp on the lights! The more lights, the better this will look.

3. Don't be afraid to wear pajamas, especially the kiddos!

4. If your home gets a lot of window light, let's do this when it's close to getting dark outside. I just don't want it extremely bright in your home, especially if you have a window next to your tree.

5. Don't clean your home for me! I mean, tidy up around the tree, by all means, but other than that, I don't care if your house is spotless, I just want your tree and the area around it to look pretty.

6. I might move furniture around a little bit, so be prepared for that. Also, if you don't want things in the background, like pictures on the wall, just remove them prior to my arrival!

7. Pets are welcome, so have treats ready.

8. I do encourage a cozy shot of your family on the couch, so if you have a Christmas blanket you love, let's use it. :) 


  Thanks for looking!


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