Disney World! | Fireworks at Magic Kingdom

At 7:55 PM, at Magic Kingdom, you can expect to see fireworks behind Cinderella's castle. I had my camera ready for it, but I wasn't quite sure where I wanted to stand to take photos. We happened to meet a nice girl in line for a ride, who told us that Tinker Bell flies from the top of the castle at precisely 8:13 PM. She also said we would be able to see her well, at the Tomorrowland Bridge, so that's where we stood! The only thing I didn't like about where we stood was the tree in the way of the castle, but it was still magical! It was also beneficial for me to put my elbows on the railing, since I did not have a tripod for the low light situation I'd be facing. And, the nice girl was right (she's an employee at a different Disney park), we had a clear view of Tinker Bell flying! I really wanted to meet her, but seeing her fly was good enough for me... I guess lol.

I shot all of these with my 35mm lens. It's what I had on my camera body for the princess makeover and princess lunch. It was easier to just keep the one lens on my camera body, than to carry more than one lens through the park.

My camera settings: f2, 1/100s, iso800.

If I ever go to Disney again, I will also capture the fireworks from a different angle and maybe bring a zoom lens too!

Thanks for looking!!

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