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FAQ | Holly Butler Photography

Thank you for visiting my FAQ page! The majority of this post is for my clients and potential clients. But, towards the end, it becomes a photographer FAQ page, in case you're a photographer and you have questions too. :)

Client FAQ:

1. Why are you a photographer?

After being a photographer for a little while, I started to realize I was telling my clients' stories and stopping time for them, which is something they can cherish forever! That right there, makes my job super important. I'm not just a mom with a camera, who happens to know Photoshop anymore. It's much, much, much more than that now!

Holly Butler Photography | FAQ

2. I never like the way I look in photos. What can you do to make me like my photos?

Number 1, you're probably wrong and you're gorgeous!

Number 2, posing.

I have learned a lot about posing, since I started my photography journey in 2013 (2012, if you count my practice year). I've learned what looks best, through personal experience and I've taken courses about posing, so I have some tricks up my sleeve!

Number 3, lighting.

One of the reasons I like to use the fading sun as my light source is because bright light and the position of the sun in bright light can be harsh looking on the skin. This is why you can find me asking my clients to give their kiddos a late nap, so we can shoot late in the day!

Number 4, Photoshop.

I always soften dark shadows under the eyes and on the face, using Photoshop. Sometimes, my clients will ask me up front, to do certain things for them, like remove blemishes, remove bra straps that are showing and make some "adjustments" here and there. I will do those things, but it is beyond my style to make drastic changes and completely change a person's appearance.

Number 5, if a photo is unflattering, I simply don't include it in the gallery. It's digital, not film, right? :)

3. What should we wear?

Firstly, you should know that I don't think clothing is as important as you'd think, so if you're stressing about it, stop! If you want advice in the back of your mind to calm your nerves, here is a blog post, which includes, tips, tricks and suggestions for flattery, being comfortable and more.

4. My husband/young kids/wife/insert person here, doesn't like taking pictures. How can you make the best of this for us?

First of all, you should know that 9 times out of 10, the male in the family came to the session against his will (lol). When my sessions are over, I usually hear the husband/boyfriend/fiancé say, or I'm told they say something along the lines of, "wow, that went by faster than I thought", or "wow, that was easier than I thought".

As for the kiddos, I try my best to make it fun for them. For them, this should be looked at as time with their family, playing outdoors, a chance to be silly and a chance to snuggle with parents, or siblings. I don't push children to smile. I try to make it easy for them to warm up to me. If they're not willing to smile, I'll dive right into the lifestyle shots, let them play and warm up to the camera, then try for the posed images. My goal is to make this time with me fly by! If all else fails though, I can typically try using Photoshop to make things work and try and get at least one "perfect smiling shot". But, I need two photos with the same lighting, body positioning and camera angle to be the same, or close to the same to make that happen. Also, let's be real, not every photo of a child will be of them smiling and looking at the camera, but that's real life and it also happens to be the style my clients come to me for! *See also: click here and check out the 2nd paragraph in this blog post.

5. My child has special needs. Should I be nervous about our session?

I've been asked this twice and while it's definitely not required that you tell me information that gets shared with a doctor, it is helpful information and I will not share it! I would love to spend more than the normal allotted shooting time with your child, so he or she can hopefully trust me, a stranger to take their photograph. There wouldn't be an extra charge for more shooting time. But, if you think you would need more time than a mini session allows, know that I'd like to try and put your family at the very beginning of my mini session marathon day (I'd ask you to come earlier than what the marathon schedule says), or I'd schedule you at the very end of the mini session marathon day, so your family can stay later, if needed.

I have a lot of first hand experience with a special needs child because my little brother, Drew was special needs. Although, he passed away when I was in my teens, I grew up with him and I helped take care of him (I was about 6 years older than him). We have a collage of images of him on our wall. None of them show him smiling and looking at the camera like the rest of us are, but that was his real life. His "smile" was his little hand over his mouth and that's what is captured in most of the images in that collage. I know the goal for a lot of parents is to have a photo of their children and family all smiling and looking at the camera. I will try to get that shot, but I will also get a lot of the in between, real life shots.

Also, see number 4 of this post, if you skipped it. :)

Holly Butler Photography | FAQ

6. What are your prices?

Collections start at $329. Just fill out my contact form, and I'll email you back, with detailed pricing, plus fun stuff as soon as I can!

7. What is the difference between your seasonal sessions and your session packages?

The main differences are less shooting time, less final images and I make the location and prop choice with a Seasonal Mini Session. See also: Click here for Seasonal Specials.

8. How can I find out about your Seasonal Mini Sessions?

I send out emails to my past clients and anyone that's asked to be on my email list. A VIP list, if you will. Then, I post the information to my blog and usually social media too. If you'd like to be on my email list, just send me an email, asking me to be added because most of my seasonal sessions start booking earlier than you might think!

9. I just want a few pictures. Why don't you offer that?