My Favorites from 2018's Sunset & Silhouettes | Part 1

This year was the 2nd year of shooting Sunsets & Silhouettes and I fell in love with them all over again! If you've never heard of my S&S sessions, here's a little rundown: I usually run seasonal specials throughout the year and S&S is one of the specials. While most of my specials are more like mini session marathons, where I meet with multiple families, in a period of a few hours, these are a little different. These sessions must be shot within a certain time frame, to get the gorgeous sunset colors. That means you have my full attention, like with a "normal" session, but it's only 20 minutes of your time, vs. about 30+ (unless you want it to be more than a small session). In this time frame, I photograph your family having a blast, along with a few posed shots, with the sun setting in the background (like in the first photos below). Then, we make sure to get some silhouettes at the end, which will be your shadows dancing in front of the sunset. You don't even have to smile, but you probably will smile. :)

The first family, is a sweet family of 5. The time we spent together was very playful and laid back to say the least! We giggled together, threw rocks together (is this becoming a thing I coax everyone to do? Maybe lol!) and much more.

The next family came to me in a time crunch because they were about to move away! It was so special that they were able to document some of their last memories in their current town, to take with them on their next journey. I was honored to be the one to document!

Every time I think I have a favorite image, I fall in love with another! This last image is definitely on my favorites list. :)

Dont forget to check out S&S favorites part 2 here.

Thanks for looking!!

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