The Backdrops I Have on Hand

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I'm creating this blog post because I've responded to quite a few emails, with attachments of my backdrop samples. Showing samples that way has been just fine, but it can be time consuming. From now on, instead of email attachments, I think a quick blog post link could be easier for both myself and my clients! If you're surprised to see that I even have backdrops, since I've labeled myself as an outdoor/on-location portrait photographer, you should know that I do typically shoot backdropped headshots for at least 5 realtors, plus maybe a few other businesspeople per year (I'm adding a police department this year!). I've brought my collapsible/pop-out backdrops to businesses, for bulk headshots, otherwise, I shoot single headshots and indoor child sessions at my home studio set up... which is where I shot all of the images below.

If you're a photographer and you'd like to know more about what I think of the different backdrops/different materials, plus the links to where they were purchased, don't forget to scroll to the bottom of this post!

Traveling backdrops that can easily be taken to your in-office headshot session:

Solid gray seamless paper backdrop:

White seamless paper backdrop:

Brick red seamless paper roll:

Light blue seamless paper roll:

Dark blue seamless paper roll:

Purple seamless paper roll:

Tan/neutral seamless paper roll and neutral rug:

White washed vinyl backdrop and white washed wooden floor:

Blue traveling backdrop:

Wooden backdrop and floor (they both look like this... A better image is coming soon):

Warm tones, painted on canvas:

Gray tones painted on canvas:

I also have a roll of pink seamless paper and a few other vinyl backdrops, plus another rug that aren't pictured. I'll add them later, but this is a good start!

The different kinds of backdrops I have and where I got them, for those of you that have asked:

Seamless paper: This is colored paper that comes in a roll. It's thicker and wider than the rolls of paper you may have seen in a classroom. Seamless paper is perfect for cake smash sessions because I can just cut off what I used and throw it away! I like it for headshots, but it's really hard to lug around, along with a backdrop stand, if I were to be shooting at a business, so I only use it at my home studio. I usually purchase this from B&Hphoto.

Traveling backdrops: This is what I would bring to an office to shoot headshots of multiple employees. When collapsed, these backdrops are an easy to carry, small-ish circle. When popped out, they're 5'x6.5' of mostly unwrinkled material and they're 2 sided. If the backdrop I use is slightly wrinkled, I'll make sure I set my camera settings to make the background blurry. I have a stand for these, but it's not necessarily needed, which makes them perfect for when clients need me to set up a studio in their office. I purchased my collapsible backdrops from B&Hphoto, but I've seen what looks like the same ones in other places, like amazon and eBay.

Vinyl backdrops: All of my vinyl backdrops were purchased from a place on Etsy, called SwankyPrints. These backdrops are images printed on large pieces of vinyl. The vinyl doesn't absorb light like the material, or paper backdrops do, which means they can sometimes appear shiny in places, but I still like them. These backdrops are easily wiped down and sanitized, before and after child sessions and if they have a wrinkle, all you have to do is lay them flat and they'll become straight again. I usually purchase sizes like 6'x6', or 7'x5' from SwankyPrints. I have purchased vinyl backdrops from B&Hphoto, but they were extra shiny and just not the same quality as what I've seen from SwankyPrints, IMHO!

Thanks for looking!!

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