My Favorites from Spring 2018's Beach Sessions | Part 1

Of all the seasonal specials I do, Beach in the Spring is the most consistent. What I mean by that is, simply that I shoot beach sessions in the Spring of every single year. I haven't done Christmas Tree Farm sessions every year and Cotton Sessions are usually every other year, for instance. But, you can count on Beach sessions to be shot every Spring! If you're new to HBP and don't know anything about my seasonal beach sessions, here's a quick rundown: I have a small handful of weekend dates, usually from April to the end of May, or early June, where I book 2-3 families per night, for sessions on the beach, close to sunset. I LOVE THESE SESSIONS SO MUCH. Sometimes, I bring my old chair, other times I bring a quilt and I've also used a bench/queen's lounge as a prop before (the prop is decided before booking starts, so it's not a surprise). This year, it was time to dust off my old chair. I didn't use it much last year and I was quite happy to see it's legs in the sand again...

The first beach session I want to blog about, includes one of my new favorite images, which is the next image you see on this post. It's a favorite because it's a family just being. The two young boys were being young and doing what's typical of young children; they wanted to play on the beach, not pose for the new face behind the camera! But, that's totally fine with me and it's what's expected, in my opinion! If I get young kids that WANT to sit and pose for every single photo, it's a surprise, honestly! The image I'm writing about was the last image in this family's gallery. Usually, by the end of a session with young children like this one, the mom is looking worried that I didn't get any usable images and dad is probably looking at his watch. BUT, if that's what they were thinking, I did not know, because they were soooo calm and collected. I think that BECAUSE they were calm and collected, I was able to capture this last image, along with quite a few others, where they were just being. They were being a family. The boys were being young, which is something they'll only be once. The family was laughing together for one of the last times as a family of four. They were just being themselves. They were being exactly how they were on that day. Capturing this image is a reason why I love doing what I do and it's why I do it. While I *can* perform Photoshop operations, if you will, and swap out sad faces for smiling faces where I am able, it doesn't have to be about that. Sometimes you just have to let the realness unfold, to get "the" photo.

I don't always get a mom in a maternity gown, but when I do, I must create one of these images for her!

The next 2 sessions were shot back to back on purpose, so the sisters could get some shots together too. First up, are some shots of this totally cute couple. :)

Then, some shots with sister...

Then, sister and her son had their session. :)

For part 2 of these session favorites, click here and for part 3, click here.

Thanks for looking!!

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