Fall Session Favorites 2018 | Part 2

February 1, 2019

In part one of Fall session favorites, I talked about how I love being busy during my Fall season, for quite a few reasons. But, what I didn't talk about is how thrashed my house normally is, during my Fall editing season!!! LOL! I'm usually swimming in laundry, behind on general cleaning and picking up the house. I don't outsource editing my sessions because I like to do it myself. It can take some time, so I tend to put everything else on the back burner. My husband works long hours at his automotive shop half the time and my daughter helps where she can, but she's 7 and in school, so it's mainly up to me. I call it I-can't-handle-my-life-November lol. But, this past year, an extra wrench was thrown in when two family members were hospitalized with heart issues (one of them was hospitalized twice!), plus I was house training a three month old puppy... talk about stressed out!! The family members healed, the puppy became fully trained and I got it all done, like I try really hard to do... BUT, EVERYTHING GOT REALLY ROUGH FOR A MINUTE! Did I mention I also shoot and edit Christmas sessions in the Fall too? lol! I'm hoping the next I-can't-handle-my-life-November will be just as busy, without the extra wrenches being thrown in. :)


Which is why it's February and I'm just now blogging sessions from November. :)






















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