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Typically, in the colder months, I find myself shooting more business/office portraits and headshots. There are different variations of headshots I shoot; The first is what I like to call business portraits. Business portraits are typically shot in, or around the office, or work area, as a lifestyle and casual setting.

Another lifestyle and casual option is getting outdoor headshots. The only con with an outdoor setting is the lighting is softest/more flattering later in the day, closer to sunset and not everyone can stay late for their photo op! If there are multiple individuals in an office that would each like the same backdrop setting and more of a headshot crop for their portraits, I have a few pop-up backdrops, along with lighting that I can bring into a business to use. Lastly, there is the option for an individual to come to my home studio setup for a headshot in front of a backdrop.

My headshot clients have been office staff, hair artists, nail artists, actors, realtors, a family owned auto repair shop and local police officers.

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On location portrait photographer, based in Poquoson, Va 



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Holly Butler is an on location portrait photographer, located in Poquoson, Va
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