In case you're wondering about what I'm doing differently for COVID-19, here goes...

EDIT on May 7th: I'll be officially opening back up on May 15th, but I'll be proceeding with caution! Everything below will apply, plus there will be an addition to my contracts that will protect both myself and my clients.

EDIT as of March 23rd: Photography is not considered essential. Even though I'm not a brick and mortar business, I'm going to follow the governor's orders to shut down for now. If anything changes with that order, everything below will apply.

If someone has symptoms: If you have symptoms, or if someone you've been in contact with has symptoms, or has tested positive, WE'RE NOT SHOOTING!

For privacy reasons, you do not need to tell me you're sick, but you can tell me you don't want to be at risk and need to cancel, I won't ask questions. With that being said, even though you aren't required to tell me you're sick, please don't keep your session date with me and risk my family and I, just as I won't do with you!

For sessions I've already scheduled, if myself, or anyone wanting to shoot are showing symptoms, or if any of us has been in contact with someone showing symptoms, or has tested positive, WE'RE NOT SHOOTING. We can reschedule, or cancel, whichever you prefer, but we aren't shooting with symptoms.

No symptoms: If nobody has symptoms, including myself, none of us has been in contact with someone that has symptoms or has tested positive AND we've all been abiding by the CDC rules we can shoot, unless our government puts more restrictions in place. If nobody has symptoms, but you don't want to shoot, that's totally fine too! We can reschedule at a later date, or cancel all together.

Bottom line: Unless one of us is sick, or if one of us has come in contact with a sick person, or someone that has tested positive, we can shoot ONLY if you're comfortable. But, please give me the same courtesy. If I feel the need to reschedule, or cancel, please respect my wishes too!

Here's what I plan to do during sessions:

I'll use hand sanitizer, which I do anyway. Along with bug spray, I tend to keep hand sanitizer on me for outdoor sessions, since there usually aren't any sinks around for hand washing. Plus I'll make sure I disinfect any chair or props, before and after each use (which I also do anyway, but I'll do it twice).

Keep my distance. For outdoor sessions, I usually use a 50mm lens and sometimes an 85mm, which makes it so I'm not all that close to my clients. Sometimes, my awesome clients give me a hug at the end of their session, but we'll have to skip hugging for now. :)

I'll show you how to pose, by posing myself and having you mirror me, which I already do but I won't touch you, or your family... I typically find myself fixing hair, and positioning hands here and there, but this virus will be the end of that.

Masks. We'll be shooting outside and we'll be social distancing. If you'd like me to wear a mask, I will, but know that we'll social distance either way and we'll be in an outdoor/open space.

No large extended family sessions at this time.

I'll stick to outdoor shooting, so we're not in a confined space together. I will avoid going to small offices for onsite headshots, we should skip the in-home sessions and I won't be using my home studio setup at this time either (although I can't use it anyway, since faulty plumbing flooded 4 rooms in my house last week, but that's another story!). But, please remember that I can't control the amount of people at public locations.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns! Also, when booking with me for Fall and Christmas sessions, please know that I may have to make cancellations, like I had to do in the Spring, if there are predictions of the virus resurfacing in the Fall. Click here for that post.

Photo for attention:

Thanks for looking!!

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