Proceeding with caution

Yes, I closed my business when the governor said non-essentials should close to flatten the curve. I have since opened back up, with precautions in place and I'm honestly unsure of how the rest of the year will play out. The main reason I'm writing this is because I have clients who expect emails about the seasonal sessions I have in store each year, especially when the Fall approaches. I've heard talk of fears of the virus resurfacing in the Fall and this post is a bug in your ear about uncertainties, so there aren't any surprises out of me in the near future.

I'm uncertain that there will be more restrictions in place again in the Fall, which will put a stop to already booked sessions, just like what happened in the Spring. I could be sending that cancellation email again, so proceed with caution when booking.

I'm uncertain that my daughter will be back in public school in the Fall, which in turn will limit the amount of bookings I usually take in the Fall. This will include both, my annual Fall and my annual Christmas mini session marathons. -I usually sit at my computer for hours and hours, editing these particular sessions while she's at school, so this will be one of the factors I'll have to weigh when thinking of booking my usual seasonal minis.

I'm also uncertain about seasonal session marathons, due to multiple families coming in contact with each other in between mini sessions.

I'm uncertain about accepting new clients this year. There are many reasons for this uncertainty, but I will still chat with you by email, but please only email me knowing that I'm on the fence about accepting new clients.

I'm officially proceeding with caution for the rest of the year in more ways than one. To see how I am being cautious during sessions, please click here to read about that.

Thanks for being here!!

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